Why chatbots?

The image of chatbots brings out memories of the internet around 2008. Just a random pop up in the lower right corner of every page waiting for you to type whatever you thought about and receiving no answer- But OXIO’s chatbot is not our childhood’s chatbot!  We decided on using Guschat’s chatbots because, although we love personalized service, with the growth of our user base we needed something to filter the frequently asked questions with simple answers (what’s my phone number? What’s my balance? How do I top-up? etc) from the complex, one-of-a-kind issues that require a personalized interaction with…

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Integrating Credit and Debit Cards into OXIO’s payment ecosystem

  Credit card payments have become a staple in the world, however, credit card adoption in Mexico has been slow. According to Statista in 2017, 9.22 percent of Mexicans aged 25 or older owned a credit card, down from approximately 18.88 percent in 2014. However, with the  increased proliferation of mobile apps like Uber, Spotify and even Netflix during the pandemic joined by the push from new fintech startups and cheaper offers by big banks (like Saldazo OXXO by Banamex) Mexicans have been more open to engage with online payments. So, when we first launched our mobile services with only…

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Modern Telecom Network Tracing

Packet capturing is a fundamental component of any network monitoring system. It can provide sophisticated intrusion detection for an enterprise VPN, or help mitigate huge scale DDoS attacks on the web. In a telecom network, it provides, among many other things, the necessary visibility into the traffic in order to detect and root cause any possible scenario that would lead to a disruption in service to our users. It’s a well established space, with tools ranging from dedicated hardware to in-kernel support to even bypassing the kernel itself. Complete solutions that provide full visibility into a telecom network are, unfortunately,…

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