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OXIO Platform

Flexibility, transparency, and intelligence in one platform.


The power of telecom at your fingertips

With OXIO’s cloud-based console and API, you can spin up your own personalized mobile service in just a few minutes, not months. No integrations are required to get started, which means you can offer your customers or users an even better wireless experience right away. BrandVNO makes it easy to create your own mobile offering and design custom mobile plans that work for you and your customers.

Enjoy transparency and configurability across the entire user lifecycle — review usage history, port existing numbers to your brand, and even enable or disable payment channels as needed. Easily manage SIM, eSIM, and device inventory. Send and track SMS campaigns programmatically, and reward customer behaviors with mobile data. 

Execute directly in our console or via API, and have full command over every aspect of your end user experience in a workflow suited to you.


Simple & powerful

Streamline your operations with a full range of controls including custom plans, shareable data pools, and SIM management in an easy-to-use console.

Mobile Data as currency

Drive customer and employee satisfaction by offering mobile data and enticing promotions as incentives.

Control your CX

Own every aspect of the customer experience, from number porting to line termination, and shape exceptional end-to-end journeys.


Powerful business insights through mobile signals and patterns

We understand that collecting high-value customer data is a top priority for any company competing in today’s market. By extracting previously inaccessible data from telecom networks, we provide the unmatched ability to surface insights from online behavior and movement. This enables true understanding of your customers’ needs even when they are not actively engaging with your brand.

Our data solutions integrate with your existing ecosystem to supercharge your strategic and marketing decisions – unlock actionable insights hidden within your user base, from usage pattern analysis of popular shopping apps to more effective user segmentation. 

With OXIO, you can confidently leverage data-driven insights without compromising privacy or ethical considerations. We prioritize user privacy, and adhere to core values of security, transparency, and consent. Through first-party data collection, we guarantee your company’s privacy principles and compliance with global privacy laws remain intact.


High-quality behavioral data

Gain valuable insights into user interests and needs through advanced analysis of movement patterns and online behavior.


Prioritize user privacy with our first-party data collection approach – we emphasize transparency, consent, and robust security measures to safeguard user information.


Enjoy complete exclusivity – data is processed for you and only you, and never shared with third parties.


The first true global network aggregator

We partner with some of the best MNOs and providers around the world using various integration types to bring high-value traffic to your network. We’re not an MVNO, we’re an enablement layer like you’ve never seen before.


Multi-carrier Network

Improve customer service and increase your margins with our advanced network connectivity.


Leave all backend technical and legal integrations (worldwide) to us.


Enjoy simplified integration and evolution by leveraging our cloud-based, digitized mobile network functions.


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