Spin up your personalized, cloud-based mobile service in minutes

OXIO’s 100% cloud-based mobile-carrier as-a-service platform, BrandVNO™, lets you package mobility into your core user experience with a ridiculously simple API, giving you the power to integrate core business components, such as loyalty, payments, rewards, and first-party data.

The power of being the network

Traditionally, it has been prohibitively expensive to become a mobile operator and many people have been left behind in the digital economy. We can help you reach and retain the users you want.

Become a carrier by using our API

Building a single-purpose network from scratch is expensive and inflexible. OXIO is the first carrier-as-a-service product that lets you create a customized mobile offering in minutes, using our API.

A customized one-to-one experience

Customers want to buy from brands they like and trust. Brands want to connect deeply and consistently with their customers. OXIO brings you and your customers together to provide a mutually beneficial one-to-one relationship.

Welcome to the future of mobile engagement

BrandVNO™ will be the catalyst in driving the liberation of mobile infrastructure as brand and enterprise digital strategies shift over the next decade to adapt to:

  • Hyper-personalized experiences
  • Deep product integrations
  • One-to-one relationships
  • Digital payments and currencies
  • Mobile-centric everything

Keep your customers connected on all the best networks… not just one

Our patented multi-network technology keeps your customers connected, allowing you to always be with them. By building into multiple mobile network operators, abstracting their complexity, and exposing the power of mobile network operator via our API.

  • We work with the best networks and make the act of transitioning to a new network seamless and instant
  • Our patented network technology intelligently roams and combines networks when necessary
  • We make sure you can reliably and meaningfully connect with your customers 24/7

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