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Join the next generation of mobile networks

OXIO is the first cloud-native, programmable mobile platform that offers a one-network solution to any enterprise, brand, or mobile operator.

The telecom-as-a-service revolution is here.

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Rethink what telecom can do for your business

Your needs and customer expectations have evolved, but black-box mobile networks haven’t kept up. Today’s competitive landscape calls for private 5G, zero-trust security, modern APIs, delightful user experiences, and actionable insights. We can help.

Focus on digital transformation, not complexity

Rapidly innovate on our unique open platform without costly and time-consuming upfront investments. Enjoy unmatched control and visibility, privacy-first business intelligence, and end-to-end network security via our user-friendly Console and API.

What can a democratized telecom network do for your business?

Offer branded mobile services inside your existing customer experience

Create personalized mobile services that provide insights beyond in-store or in-app purchase activity. Bring your brand closer to your target audience than ever before.

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Your devices have the best possible coverage – multiple networks on a single SIM

Your business depends on your devices having a reliable, secure, and manageable network. Whether they are payment terminals, vending machines, or fleet tracking, you need to be able to connect to any network at any time – all from a single SIM card.

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The MVNO market is ultra-competitive, you need an edge. 

OXIO is your key to delivering a next-gen MVNO that meets and exceeds your client’s needs and takes it to the next level.

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Visibility and network control for all your devices, no matter where they are

Your mobile devices are an extension of your network. Create an extension of your private network all the way to the device itself with our customized network firewall rules, SMS filtering, and detailed usage reports. Increase porting security and control activation workflow with our modern API or management portal.

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Rapid Innovation with minimal cost and no CapEx.

It can be done with OXIO. MNOs can test new products, ideas and concepts on their network through the OXIO platform without spending months of expensive integration time and cost.

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The Platform

Flexibility, transparency, and intelligence in one platform

Full control in one interface

Spin up your personalized, cloud-based mobile service in minutes with BrandVNO. Create a 10x-better wireless experience for your customers or employees.

Unlock the power of mobile data

Gain powerful telco & first-party data-driven insights with BrandIQ and our business intelligence solutions, all while protecting your customer’s privacy.

A global network without barriers

Package & launch your own mobile policies and plans in minutes with no capital investments, no telecom licenses, and no telecom engineering expertise required.

Future Proofed &

Developer friendly

One of our core goals is to democratize telecom, so opening up our platform for developers is critical to our mission.

 Cloud Based
A single integration unlocks the power of multiple carriers, increasing speed and reducing cost.

API First
Our modern, fully documented API unlocks the value of your service instead of limiting it. Integrations take days, not months.

Fully Programmatic
The entire lifecycle is completely in your control. Don’t be locked into only the functionality carriers choose to provide.

Security and Reliability
API keys are scoped to reduce risk by only allowing the features you require.

curl --request GET --url --header 'Authorization: Bearer authorization_key' { "usagePredictions": [ { "dataBalances": [ { "trafficLabelId": "general", "trafficLabelName": "All-Purpose Data", "prediction": "11996920" } ], "duration": 2592000 } ] } curl --request POST --url --header 'Authorization: Bearer authorization_key' --data '{ "type": "TRANSACTION_CREDIT", "subType": "TRANSACTION_SUBTYPE_PROMOTION", "unit": "KB", "unitType": "BALANCE_UNIT_TYPE_DATA", "amount": 100 }' { "transaction": { "transactionId": "626a8c45-c18f-4444-95fe-594e4e5abe86", "balanceId": "85fa9b4b-c653-4308-b7f1-390a691f800a", "walletId": "e85fcfaa-1730-431d-9c0e-3ca682fad982", "type": "TRANSACTION_CREDIT", "subType": "TRANSACTION_SUBTYPE_PROMOTION", "status": "TRANSACTION_COMPLETED", "amount": 100, "unitType": "BALANCE_UNIT_TYPE_DATA", "unit": "KB", "metadata": {}, "createdTs": "2023-01-24T07:08:27.679930Z", "modifiedTs": "2023-01-24T07:08:27.679930Z" } }

Power Made Simple.

We give our authorized customers access to our documentation with clear examples that will help you in a straightforward integration of our solutions. Current customers can request an API password from our product team. 

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