Connect with your customers

OXIO enables businesses of all types to connect with their customers more deeply, learning valuable insights through our high quality, affordable, carrier-as-a-service platform.


Stay connected with your customers even after they exit your store or app

OXIO enables a deeper, multichannel retail experience with your customers.

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Stay connected with your customers 24/7 with a branded virtual network.

Benefit from insights and patterns that drive revenues and margins for your core business.

Gain new revenue channels by allowing your partners to make offers and sponsor your users’ mobile plans.

Fintech & Mobile Banking

Help your current and future clients get online

Enable financial inclusion and equity by keeping users constantly connected. OXIO is the infrastructure that powers the future of engagement for fintechs in Mexico and across Latin America.

Traditional banks can identify and reach new customer profiles to grow their user base in Mexico.

Use our data signals and APIs to more accurately and quickly assess risk associated with a mobile device.

Give customers the data they need to access mobile banking services and participate in the digital economy.

On-demand Economy

Keep frontline and on-demand workers connected while they’re on the go

Keep your employees and customers connected to your app and services with branded mobile service.

Attract more workers and increase courier loyalty by making your app free of data charges, and offering affordable plans.

Gather geo-location data to improve routes and delivery times.

Use your built-in distribution and payment collection network to drive a new high-margin product that increases customer spend.


Give students the data they need to succeed

OXIO believes that all students deserve equitable access to data. We work with universities and educational organizations to provide affordable service to all students, at student-only rates.

Ensure your students have enough data for the educational content and apps that are critical for their learning and development.

Lower barriers to learning by keeping your students connected.

Gather data on engagement to drive improvements to educational systems and strategies.


Your business relies on connectivity—keep it online with OXIO

Own the most important part of your enterprise—connectivity. Keep your team members connected in a way that drives engagement and revenue, and manage them in a beautiful portal built in 2020, not 1999.

Provide cheaper and better plans to your employees with OXIO’s patented network-changing technology.

Choose from flexible plans on a per-user or bulk group basis, whatever works for you. No minimum lines required.

Our modern user management and CRM portal is easy to use and can integrate with other apps for many use cases.

Consumer Apps & Products

The best way to integrate mobile app experiences is to own the network they live on

Popular consumer apps need downloads and daily active users (DAU), but many younger mobile users don’t have the data plans to engage with your content.

Take the costs of data off your users’ plate by making sure your app is free of charge, or work with partners to sponsor your users’ plans.

Create personalized app experiences that increase engagement.

Becoming the carrier gives you access to first-party data that you’re allowed to gather and your users approve.