Our story

Mobile telecom is in the midst of being transformed and reshaped for the next decade. OXIO built the first platform of its kind to reinvent the asset-light carrier model (carrier-as-a-service) to enable brands to natively offer wireless connectivity to their users and customers. The closer they are to the customer, the more data and insights brands can use to drive their own businesses forward. The closer the customer is to their carrier, the more they control their own data.

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We’re passionate about bringing connectivity to the world.

Nicolas Girard / US

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Jason Evans / US

Chief Business Officer, Co-founder

Elliot Chen / US

Head of Product, Co-founding engineer

Yoann Bentz / US

Head of R&D, Co-founding Engineer

Stephen Hall / US

Head of Engineering

Gustavo Andriani / US

Chief Marketing Officer

Gilles Louwerens / MX

Head of Business & Customer Intelligence

Pedro Rivas / MX

COO, GM Mexico

Miguel Monforte Nicolas / FR

Head of Telecom

Abraham Gonzalez Pont / MX

Head of Operations

Tomas Alfonso / MX

VP of Sales

Juan Carlos Tornel / MX

Head of Legal

Our global team

Juan Carlos Lopez / MX

Director of operations

Emily August / US

Head of Sales Operations

Paola Girard / US

Controller / Head of Finance

Alice Ecourtemer / FR

Engineering Leader

Vincent Charpentier / FR

Head of TechOps

Martin Lees / FR

Engineering Leader

Maxime Simard-Quevillon / CAN

Director of Engineering

Gilles Richer / CAN


Jean-Marc Marion / CAN


Angel Contreras Carillo / MX

Director of Product

Karen Mena / MX

Customer Support Manager

Vincent Fronterotta / CAN


Fernando Delgado Corona / MX

Sales Director

Frank Nwanko / CAN

Head of Frontend Engineering

Rodrigo Alvarez / MX

Design Director

Xavier Handequin / US

Head of Customer Success

Apolline Capron / CAN

Engineering Leader

Karel Berkovec / FR


Yi Zhang / US

Product Manager

Rex Ma / CAN


Sonny Fournier / FR


Jeff Lai / US

R&D Engineering

Lenny Siemeni / CAN


Mario Pinderi / CAN


Oussama El Bahaoui / FR

Data Scientist

Arturo Miranda / MX

Logistic Specialist

Roshan Balakrishnan / US

Product Manager

Nathalie Nebot / CAN

Head of Talent & HR

Golrokh Araghi / CAN

Data Science

Pauline Zaccaria / CAN


Elisa Ramirez Rosales / MX

L2 Engineer

Emilio Valdes / MX

Operation & Logistics Manager

Alejandra Macias / MX

Customer Service Project Manager

Chris Parker / MX

Account Lead

Nathaniel Kennedy-Noble / CAN

Data Scientist

Pratik Mohanty

Backend Engineer

Christopher Jackel / US

Head of Customer Engineering

Emilio Villalobos / MX

Data Analyst

My Tran / CAN

UX designer

Krish Seenauth / CAN

IT Manager

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