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Why chatbots?

The image of chatbots brings out memories of the internet around 2008. Just a random pop up in the lower right corner of every page waiting for you to type whatever you thought about and receiving no answer- But OXIO’s…

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Modern Telecom Network Tracing

Packet capturing is a fundamental component of any network monitoring system. It can provide sophisticated intrusion detection for an enterprise VPN, or help mitigate huge scale DDoS attacks on the web. In a telecom network, it provides, among many other…

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Telecom (as we knew) it is dead

Telecom (as We Knew It) Is Dead

From time to time, the 3GPP standardization body surprises everyone with bold moves in selecting strange technologies. It did so with RCS, IMS, and SIP. When they first announced the 5G core evolution as a cloud-native architecture with HTTP as…

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Non-Fungible Tokens on the Stellar Blockchain

Blockchain solutions are democratizing currency creation. These “currencies” or “tokens” enable living economies around their associated product. In this economy, users are rewarded when they produce content or offer services on the product. For example, in the Filecoin ecosystem, users are rewarded…

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