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A New Era of Plan Customization for MVNOs

In the telecom landscape, Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) have emerged as agile players, best positioned to offer diverse services and value-added offerings to niche customer segments. Despite this, MVNOs continue to be plagued by one persistent challenge – the inability to quickly and efficiently innovate their services.

Currently, MVNOs operate within the constraints set by their host Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). They lease network capacity and rely on the MNO’s infrastructure, which often dictates the types of plans they can offer and their pricing. It’s impossible for MVNOs to change their plans quickly in response to market conditions and customer needs because the process to do so is manual and controlled by the MNO. This limited control over plan creation has restricted MVNOs from fully unleashing their potential and catering to the diverse needs of their customers. It also results in a market full of copy-cat plans with little differentiation.

McKinsey reports that 71% of customers expect personalization from the businesses and brands that they choose. These same customers are now more willing than ever before to switch to a brand that meets their expectations. As connectivity becomes a commodity, MVNOs need the ability to innovate on their networks in order to retain business. They need to be able to create custom plans in real time, which OXIO offers today, and they also need to be able to zero-rate traffic on their network.

Zero-rating is a practice through which mobile providers can provide access to dedicated internet applications, without deducting from the user’s data allowance. This might mean building a phone plan that gives unlimited access to YouTube for streaming, or a child-friendly plan that restricts access to certain apps and websites. An enterprise may use zero-rating to block dangerous domains that could compromise company assets. Today, the activity of zero rating is costly and time consuming for MVNOs. It takes months for an MNO to respond to a request to zero-rate traffic on their network. In some instances it can also require third-party involvement from vendors, further complicating the process.

This is where OXIO comes in. We take a technology-first approach to telecom, automating legacy processes in the cloud so that companies can spend more time in the driver’s seat and less time waiting for support.

OXIO is excited to bridge the gap between MNO capabilities and customer expectations with the latest feature on our leading Telecom-as-a-Service platform – Dynamic Traffic Labels.


Introducing Dynamic Traffic Labels


Dynamic Traffic Labels is the first tool to simplify the creation and management of custom traffic labels in real-time, with no technical expertise required. OXIO’s no-code interface enables our customers to control access to web domains, apps and IPs. There is no involvement required from the host MNO which means traffic labels can be built, managed, edited, and deployed from within OXIO’s BrandVNO portal in a matter of minutes.  

See how easy it is to build a traffic label to zero-rate Google Maps for unlimited directions and driving around the city.


What is a traffic label?


A traffic label is a defined internet service, such as a website or application, whose mobile traffic can be tracked and classified while on the OXIO network. Examples of traffic labels may include web domains, IPs, or apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Uber and Venmo.

Traffic labels enable brands to differentiate their network by prioritizing access and speed. As an example, a company can ensure that users on their mobile network always have access to essential needs like grocery, banking and utilities apps, even if they have gone over their data usage in a given month.



Innovate on your own terms


As mobile networks become commoditized around the globe, creating unique and custom plans is one of the most valuable ways to differentiate. With OXIO, they can innovate on their network by building and testing plans as needed. Dynamic Traffic Labels allow you to whitelist traffic at multiple speeds, or to block traffic – meeting a wide variety of use cases for businesses that provide network connectivity.

Improve the Value and Competitiveness of Mobile Plans

Build loyalty with existing customers and acquire new ones by creating plans that give unfettered access to high-value apps.  


Reduce Data Abuse on Company Devices

Corporate and machine lines are at a high risk for data abuse. Ensure SIMs are functioning effectively and efficiently by only connecting them to the services that they need to conduct company business.


Set up and Manage Plan Access in Minutes

Applications are constantly changing and companies need to be able to respond quickly so we allow you to update traffic labels on the fly. As quickly as you can create a traffic label, one can also be updated.


Understand Device Behavior on your Network

OXIO’s BrandIQ provides business intelligence insights on traffic labels so that you can be closer to your network and customers by understanding when, how and why data is being consumed on the labels you create.


Get started with Dynamic Traffic Labels from OXIO


If you’re ready to build fast, customized plans for your users and devices, contact us for more information. 

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