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Line Life Cycle Policy

Last updated: May 24, 2022.

What is a Line?

Every device using the network requires a ‘line’ which is the basis of your account. A line has a phone number and a plan. If a line is inactive for too long it will eventually be terminated.

OXIO Line Lifecycle

OXIO lines go through different states from their creation to their termination. There are four major states:

– Pending

– Activated

– Deactivated

– Terminated

Following Industry standards, OXIO will terminate a line after 90 days of inactivity


A line is PENDING when:

– A SIM has been attached to the line

– The line has optionally a phone number attach to it

– The line is optionally configured with a plan

This state refers to a line that has been created and configured, but its SIM has not been purchased by an end-user yet. This line is ready to be activated but is not yet functional on the network.


A line can be set to ACTIVATED through different ways:

– Automatically at SIM first insertion into a device

– API request to the OXIO system

If the line had no phone number, it will be selected at line activation depending on the line configuration.

If a plan was configured on the line, the plan will be activated at line activation.

An active line is functional on the network, and the end-users can access to different services depending on the line’s plan (data, voice, SMS).

A top up plan can be bought or queued at any time.

A phone number can be ported-in on the line at any time


A line is set to DEACTIVATED if a port-out is requested on the line’s phone number. The line can be reactivated if the port-out is reversed within 40 days.

A line can be manually set to DEACTIVATED by the OXIO support teams, if requested by the end-user and if the SIM is lost or stolen. The line can be reactivated within 40 days.

A deactivated line is not able to connect to the network anymore.


A line is set to TERMINATED in the following case:

– An ACTIVATED line will be automatically set to TERMINATED 90 days after its last plan expiration date. The end-user owning the line will be notified on the line termination 5 days prior its automatic termination.

– A DEACTIVATED line will be automatically set to TERMINATED 40 days after its deactivation.

A terminated line is not able to connect to the network and this action is not reversible. The phone number attached to the line will be recycled within 7 days.

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