The mobile network is a trove of valuable data

OXIO gives you the power of a mobile carrier, providing a great connectivity experience at an affordable cost, with zero up-front investment.


Keep the people you care about connected

You can’t be mobile-first if your audience isn’t connected–whether that’s retail workers, on-demand workers, or enterprise employees on the go. BrandVNO™ turns any brand into a superior mobile provider, enabling you to offer connectivity that perfectly fits your users’ needs.

We combine the best networks to give you the best network.

Flexibility: Most carriers need months to make simple changes to a mobile plan offering. BrandVNO™ lets you make changes in minutes.

Reliability: By partnering with the best networks in Mexico, we allow your customers to experience better speeds and coverage.

Cost: Mobile data shouldn’t be a luxury. Mobile data should be inexpensive for all.

Analytics and first-party data

Build a 1:1 connection and say goodbye to relying on 3rd party JavaScript

Mobile users deserve privacy and the choice of who they share their data with. We give users the confidence of knowing their mobile carrier and its first-party data policies while ensuring every sensitive action is opt-in. We let you collect valuable, opt-in data from users to give a better, more personalized mobile experience.

First-party data is both more valuable to companies and more closely monitored by users. We give you the best of both worlds.

Our privacy-friendly data insights give you insights that were previously only available to large mobile carriers.

Create a stronger, always-on bond with your customers and reward them for sharing data with you.

We turned the SIM chip into a programmatic platform

The BrandVNO™ technology stack lets you become the glue

As 3rd party cookies disappear and first-party relationships increasingly require publishers to provide clear value, the OXIO platform is a groundbreaking medium for premium and trustworthy retailers, content providers, media partners, and more.

Good companies win: The publisher medium becomes the phone and our SIM.

Consumers win: Power and trust are given to consumers who are able to choose who they share data with and opt-in to new relationships and offers.

Advertisers win: We give advertisers and brands the ability to directly reach consumers to ask questions, validate assumptions, and learn from the consumers themselves – at an affordable cost.