What purchasing mobile connectivity is like for most people

OXIO wants to make mobile data cheaper for everyone. Furthermore, we want anyone in the world to be able to get connected at anytime. In Mexico for example, and just like in Columbia, Indonesia or most nations in the world, mobile internet is still far too expensive for the majority of the people. To better illustrate our point, we have collected the experience of Emmanuel, a Colombian national who regularly has to go to a store to “top up”. We hope that a real world experience such as his helps illustrate why OXIO was created. Emmanuel owns a mid-range Android…

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What We Are Building

For our first blog post, the team at OXIO wanted to talk about the platform we are building. We call it a mobile data connectivity exchange. “Quite a mouthful”, some might say. Let us unpack. We refer to mobile data connectivity as any technology that offers physically untethered information transfer. The most common example is cellular data which has been democratized by smartphones. Wi-Fi connectivity is another obvious example but many other connectivity technologies exist such as satellite, long range low power wireless (LoRa), pre-established and future Mesh networks, etc. Each of these technologies have prompted the birth of an…

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