Stay connected with your customers even after they leave the store.

If you don’t know anything about your customers beyond their purchase history and address, how can you stay top of mind and send the right promotions at the right time?

BrandVNO by OXIO helps you better understand and connect with your customers, so you can anticipate their needs and serve them better.

Capture deep, actionable customer data insights

Provide timely, hyper-personalized offers to your customers that increase foot traffic, engagement, and spend.

What if you could read your customers’ minds? With OXIO’s in-depth insights, you almost can. OXIO provides analytics of app usage and location data on your customers’ devices allowing you to proactively provide them with hyper-personalized promotions and loyalty opportunities.


Communicate directly with your customers

Keep your brand top of mind with your customers and increase engagement.

OXIO’s campaign dashboard allows you to easily set up direct-to-device campaigns. Configure communications and campaigns in the OXIO portal via:

  • SMS and push notifications
  • WhatsApp messages
  • Location-based messages

Drive customer behaviors and
loyalty with data rewards

Increase brand awareness, in-store visits, and spend.

Reward valuable behaviour with free data:

  • Gain valuable insights by collecting customer feedback with data-rewarded surveys
  • Reward in-store visits, spending, and brand interactions
  • Reward ticket scans from any store to learn where else your customers are shopping and what they are spending

Enable customers to shop, even when they’re out of data

Drive more frequent, longer session times, and increased spend.

Don’t let data be the barrier to shopping. Subsidize data costs so your customers can use your app worry-free. OXIO allows you to easily set your app as zero-rating, meaning customers can use your app, even when they are out of data or on the go.


Gain new revenue channels with partnerships

Utilize customer data in partnerships that enhance user experiences and lowers the cost of data.

Partner with other brands to share the cost of data. Enable partners to make offers to your customer or sponsor their mobile plans.

“OXIO allows us to create a high-margin, personalized mobile service for our customers. This allows us to understand customers more deeply, reward their loyalty, and create a CircleK experience that extends beyond our physical stores.”

Carlos Kalach
CEO Circle K Mexico

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