Own the most important part of your enterprise—connectivity.

Keep your employees connected with cutting edge user management and inexpensive data plans. OXIO puts the power of connectivity in your hands.

BrandVNO by OXIO helps you better understand and connect with your customers, so you can anticipate their needs and serve them better.

Capture deep, actionable customer data insights

Provide timely, hyper-personalized offers to your customers that increase foot traffic, engagement, and spend.

What if you could read your customers’ minds? With OXIO’s in-depth insights, you almost can. OXIO provides analytics of app usage and location data on your customers’ devices allowing you to proactively provide them with hyper-personalized promotions and loyalty opportunities.


Analytics and first-party data

Enterprise-level solutions with insights that’ll help your business grow

Your employees deserve privacy and the choice of who they share their data with. We give users the confidence of knowing their mobile carrier and its first-party data policies while ensuring every sensitive action is opt-in. We let you collect valuable, opt-in data from users to give a better, more personalized mobile experience.

Provide great mobile plans to your employees with OXIO’s patented network-changing technology, while gathering first-party data, which is both, more valuable to companies and more closely monitored by users. We give you the best of both worlds.

Choose from flexible plans on a per user or bulk group basis–whatever works for you, there’s no minimum number of lines. Our Business Inteligence suite will help you choose or modify as needed.

Use your built-in distribution and payment collection network to drive a new high-margin product that increases spend.

Provide a better connectivity solution for your organization and employees

Cheaper, better solutions.

Provide cheaper and better plans to your employees with OXIO’s patented network-changing technology. Choose from flexible plans on a per-user or bulk group basis, whatever works for you.

  • Keep control over your mobile spending
  • Learn about your employees data usage and react in minutes

Say goodbye to outdated user management tools

Get your employees the best connection, and yourself a break

Our modern user management and CRM portal is easy to use and integrates with other apps for many use cases. OXIO allows you to manage your team members in a beautiful portal built in 2020, not 1999.

  • Our dashboards bring you anonymized actionable data, so you can make informed decisions, not only about your company’s mobile data, but about all parts of your business thanks to our unique BI.
  • Control spending, grant extra data plans to users only if needed.
  • Use our tools to better communicate with specific cohorts, select all kinds of filters and send specific communications. Keep your company better connected.

Staying connected is better for business

Better engagement, more revenue.

Keeping employees connected is paramount for your business. Own the connectivity and drive better engagement and more revenue.


  • You can subsidize data costs so that your employees can stay connected
  • Easy to set your app as zero-rating.
  • Keep workers connected while they’re on the go.

“OXIO allows us to create a high-margin, personalized mobile service for our customers. This allows us to understand customers more deeply, reward their loyalty, and create a CircleK experience that extends beyond our physical stores.”

Carlos Kalach
CEO Circle K Mexico

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